Our SONS daily agenda or planner is an essential tool to achieve academic success. It was design from a collaboration of psychologists and therapists looking to fully develop student’s executive functions. It’s important to keep in mind that this agenda reinforces writing skills in students. There are studies that show that we don’t use the same part of our brains when we write using pencil and paper versus using a keyboard, limiting the stimuli required to develop the maximum potential during different developmental stages. Technology also limits the use of memory, while writing is a great exercise. There are three types of planner available: My First Agenda, Planner SONS 1 and Planner SONS 2.

Why use a planner?
  • Develops responsibility and independence
  • Develops structure, organization and planning skills
  • Preps students for increased demands and tasks as they move to higher grades
  • Time management
  • Helps parents in following up, completing tasks and increases overall academic achievements
  • Provides for better academic performance
  • It’s a skill they will use for a lifetime
How does the planner help teacher?
  • Teaches and motivates being organized and planning in advance
  • Follows a logical progression of establish school programs
  • Good for monitoring behavior
  • Keeps students well informed
  • Works as an effective communication tool
  • Addresses important requirements for each class
  • Vital information center for parents and guardians
  • Motivates and reinforces positive behavior in students

Tools and references in our agenda

Bilingual, punctuation signs, science, math, holidays, creativity, world maps, annual calendars, values, keeping track of grades by school subject, etc.  

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